Monday, February 3, 2014

Shards of Beauty - Queen of Heaven, Regina Caeli

Regina Caeli
Queen of Heaven
Mary, Queen of Heaven
one of the mystical titles of the Litany of Loreto

A sacred reliquary shrine
part of the Shards of Beauty series

May 31 is the Queenship of Mary.
Here is a striking passage from the Third Nocturn of Matins
of that feast written by Saint Bonaventure :
'Mary the Queen outshines all others in glory,
as the Prophet clearly shows in the Psalm
which particularly concerns Christ and the Virgin Mary;
It first says of Christ, 'Thy throne, O God, stands forever and ever'
and shortly thereafter of the Virgin,
'The queen takes place at Thy right hand'
that is, in the position of highest blessedness, for it refers
to the glory of soul.

'In garments of gold' by which is meant the clothing
of glorious immortality which was proper
to the Virgin in her Assumption.
She is enthroned next to her Son.

The Virgin Mary is a most excellent Queen towards her people:
she obtains forgiveness, overcomes strife,
distributes grace and thereby she leads them to glory.

from David Richo's book : Mary Within Us


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