Thursday, October 6, 2016

Progress update

Jesus, Yeshua as Magician in the Suit of Roses

It is almost a month since I last wrote.  This shows you how much work
goes into the graphic design work and preparing a deck
for printing and publishing.

Nicholas Hales of
is the graphic designer working on the deck.  When I started this project
I had no idea of how much work it entails. It has been hours
and hours of work by him to cut out the images
and set them to backgrounds and matching colours, and, and.

If you like the images that I have shared so far, then
you will be blown away by the final product.
We have spent many hours on fine tuning the colours
and the design have morphed into something so beautiful,
it takes my breath away.  It is now a truly royal deck
in the baroque tradition.  You will have to wait and see.
I can hardly wait to hold the deck in my hands.

The deck of 78 cards and the accompanying book
is planned to be available the end of October to the first week
of November 2016.

Dinah, the thirteenth daughter

Each deck will be packaged in a unique box
to that copy of the deck.  So you will be able to buy a one of a kind
box included in the deck.
I will only be printing a limited number of  30 decks only
for this year.  These decks will be signed by myself
and it will have a limited issue number, making it
a real collector's item.

Many have asked to pre-order this deck.
I will be putting up a listing on this website
as well as my shop
If you pre-order you will be guaranteed a deck this year
and you will be receiving one of the limited edition decks.


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