Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck Update

Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

Link in sidebar to purchase the deck and book set

Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck

78 hand crafted shrines printed on a big format card
350 gsm cardstock with a 145 page size A5 paperback book

For these pre-order specials you will receive the deck,
the book, a handcrafted and printed tarot bag and
a unique altered storage box which can also serve as a shrine

backs of cards

Backs of Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck Cards

Here is the link to pre-order the deck and book

A tarot bag with holy medal for the deck

Lid of storage box


Decks will be packaged in these special ways as long as stocks last

Please visit often for updates.
I will be supplying posters and altar cards from the deck.

I am also working on a fun range of charm necklaces
with images of each card.

Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck Necklaces

Shrine that became IX Roses - The Handless Maiden and Our Lady

The creation of this deck started many many moons ago 
before I even realized that it is happening.
This deck contains my personal experiences, insights
and dances with shadow and light.
Each shrine contains elements of my pilgrimages to sacred
sites around the globe and vignettes of women and men's lives
sacred to Our Lady of the Many Names.

We are the One and we can make a difference.
The only way to grow back our dismembered hands and to reclaim
our personal and collective power, is by reaching for the dream!!


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